Cocktails workshop at Beats Bites and Cocktails

We have all been out and ordered a cocktail we love, only to order it at another venue and get something completely different from our expectations. Why do cocktails taste so different from venue to venue? An old-fashioned or Mojito should be all the same, right? Breaking down why they taste different from varied ingredients, ice, skill, house rules, and how these things can impact your cocktail.

Learn three classic recipes and how to adjust them based on your ingredients. Tools you can use at your next holiday, work or family event.

What makes a cocktail classic, modern, or contemporary? Japanese vs. NYC styles? Which style suits your preferences?

All ice is not created equal, learn how to use a variety of ice for different methods and the importance of correct dilution for each cocktail style. And how to avoid it.

A brief introduction to the variety of gins, whiskeys, bitters and cordials, how and when to use them to provide binding and complementary properties to your cocktail.

No experience or tools are needed. All ingredients and instructions will be provided, with the added bonus of crafting cocktails for your own enjoyment and a take-home bottle you can share or keep for yourself.

Join Douglas Williams and Caroline Tan of Beats Bites & Cocktails, who have been mixing up spectacular cocktails in the Asia Pacific region for over a decade.


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